CBCT X-Ray Images

Dental CBCT, what is this? A dental CBCT scan has become a crucial tool that can be instrumental when considering complex treatments and surgical procedures. (Cone Beam Computed Tomography) The CBCT images can be useful for a wide range of cases, including those that involve: * Dental implant planning and placement * Diagnosis and detection […]

Why We Use ClearCorrect, versus any other aligners

Here at Indigo Dental, we are proud providers of ClearCorrect aligners to straighten teeth. You may be wondering, why we choose to use ClearCorrect instead of the many other aligner systems on the market such as Invisalign, Smilelign, Clear Smile Aligner, Cfast SmileTru and many more! Below are the top five reasons we think you […]

Teeth Straightening to Improve Oral Health

  Here at Indigo Dental, we believe in looking after our patient’s oral health not just for now, but also for the future. Some problems can be picked up by your dentist early on, before it becomes more complex and harder to treat. Misaligned and crowded teeth is one of the most common problems that […]

Teeth Straightening Using Clear Aligner Technology

Have you considered straightening your teeth? Did you have braces when you were younger, only to be frustrated with them moving back? Here at Indigo Dental, we offer innovative Aligners by ClearCorrect to enable you to get the smile you deserve! Please take a few moments to watch the video on our ClearCorrect page for […]