Indigo Dental Practice Quality Assurance Policy

Our quality assurance policy is to have a successful practice by providing a standard of service that consistently satisfies the needs and expectations of our patients. This level of quality is achieved through careful management in a continually improving, safe environment. We aim that our standards and procedures meet all professional regulations and legislation including the Fundamental Standards from the Care Quality Commission.

Our quality assurance is based on the iComply system of good governance; it keeps us updated with the latest legal and professional requirements.

Dr Sanaa Kader is the Provider and has ultimate responsibility.

Dr Sanaa Kader is the Registered Manager, the iComply leader and has day-to-day responsibility.

Quality is continually improved through:

  • Carrying out risk assessments with follow up actions taken to minimize risk
  • Carrying out regular audits with follow up actions to improve the standards of care
  • The regular review of policies, procedures and practice guidelines
  • Actively seeking patient feedback to improve care and service
  • Responding to and learning from events, incidents, comments and complaints
  • Learning, health and safety and clinical effectiveness shared at practice meetings
  • Performing annual reviews to see how well the practice has performed and to set new standards for the year ahead
  • Team training, appraisals and involvement in creating a quality-led practice

Our quality objectives are:

  • To continually improve the level of care and service
  • That patients enjoy all aspects of the experience they have with us
  • Total patient satisfaction

Other - add here your own quality objectives i.e.:

  • We aim to offer specialist or other treatments to a high standard
  • We provide minimally invasive treatments
  • We work to earn a great reputation so that our patients refer their friends and family to us