Indigo Dental Price List for NHS patients

  • Band 1- £22.70

  • Band 2- £62.10

  • Band 3- £269.30

  • Urgent treatment band £22.70

Prices subject to annual changes from the NHS.

You will not be charged for individual items within a course of treatment. Depending on what you need to have done, you should only ever be asked to pay one charge for each complete course of treatment, even if you need to visit your dentist more than once to finish it. A course of treatment is finished when your dentist considers good oral health has been achieved.

Be aware that being repeatedly late for your treatment sessions or failure to attend appointments may result in the early termination of the course of treatment.

Indigo Dental Private Fee List


Crown and Bridge work 

Gold crown: £400
E-max crown all porcelain: £450
Zirconia crown all porcelain: £450
Porcelain bonded (per unit): £400
Ceramic (per unit): £450
Maryland bridge (per unit): £400
Replacement crown/bridge: £40
Veneers (per tooth): £400
Porcelain onlay/inlay: £400
Diagnostic wax-up: £100 per tooth
Composite onlay/inlay: £300
Implant crowns: £900

Examination and hygiene services 

New adult patient examination including two x-rays: £55.00
New child patient examination including two x-rays where needed: £25.00
Routine examination: £25
Initial Hygiene Appointment: £45
Simple Gum Treatment: From £60
Advanced Gum Treatment: From £100
Diamond Clean: £75
X-rays each: £8.50
Scale and polish with hygienist 30 minutes: £45.00
Airflow cleaning (full mouth stain removal) with hygienist: £75
Boutique teeth whitening: £265
B1 shade guarantee Boutique whitening £500
Platinum Shine (Examination, diamond clean and whitening): £365


Root canal treatment 

Consultation fee (free if in house referral): £60
Anterior tooth: £300
Pre-molar tooth: £350
Molar tooth: £450

Re-treatment or trauma cases prices on consultation


Anterior composites: £100
Posterior composite small: £75
Posterior composite medium: £100
Posterior composite large: £150
Amalgam filling (metal): £75
Glass ionomer filling: £60



Clear Correct aligners £3,000


Full upper and lower acrylic dentures (set): £1,000
Upper acrylic only: £400
Lower acrylic only: £400
Flexible (Valplast) dentures: £600
Partial chrome denture: £750
Soft splint: £100
Hard acrylic splint: £300
Sports guard: £100


Dental Implants

Surgical implant placement: £1380
Bone grafting: £500
Implant supported crown: £900

We use internationally renowned Straumann dental implants.


Simple extractions: £75
Complex/surgical extractions: £150
Wisdom tooth extraction: £200


For Facial Aesthetic pricing, please visit our Facial Aesthetics page

If you have any questions about our pricing or services, contact us!