Talking about Our WHY

Here at Indigo Dental, everything we do is based around the highest level of patient care.   We have created a golden circle, which is a living breathing document, outlining why we do what we do, how we do it, and what that means for us and for our patients. We believe it is important […]

Ultaire AKP Dentures: Accuracy, Comfort and Fit

If you have a plastic denture that covers the roof of your mouth, you will know all too well that it can alter the taste of food, cause gagging, and is likely to need denture adhesive to aid with retention. A good option if you’re not quite ready for dental implants yet, is an Ultaire […]

Digital Innovations at Indigo Dental

Here at Indigo Dental, we are proud to say that keeping up with digital advances is crucial to us. Our practice owner embraced digital x-rays when she took over the practice in 2016 almost straight away, and arranged the IT infrastructure to allow real time backups of patient data to be done via a cloud […]

Diamond Clean using Airflow Technology

Enjoy unrivalled fresh clean feeling and say goodbye to the stains with our latest technology in teeth polishing.     Tea and coffee drinkers will no doubt be aware of the effect these beverages can have on your teeth. Teeth that used to be white end up looking brown. Smokers will experience a similar result. […]

What is a Dental Implant?

A dental implant is a a small but very strong post made from bio compatible titanium alloy. It is used to replace a single or multiple missing teeth, and is placed into the jaw bone to support artificial teeth or any other dental prosthesis to the jaw.   In addition to its use in replacing […]

Teeth Whitening, What is Involved?

As we get so many teeth whitening enquiries, we wanted to outline the steps involved, to make it really straight forward for our patients. Let’s go!     Full Dental Health Examination with the dentist. This is of utmost importance, as we need to assess if you are suitable for teeth whitening. In some cases, […]

Gum Disease, what does this mean?

You have probably come onto this blog, as you have been told by your dentist or dental hygienist that you have gum disease. Here is a video from Teeth4Life outlining what gum disease is, and how you can help yourself manage it at home. We would advise that the best steps to control gum disease are: Stop […]

Dermal Fillers to Beautify the Mid Third of the Face

Over time the face loses fat and bone resorption can occur leading to mid facial areas becoming saggy, flat or even having a hollow appearance. This includes the cheeks and tear troughs (the area beneath the eye). Dermal fillers can be used to restore the lost volume in these areas. They can also be used […]

Teeth Straightening to Improve Oral Health

Here at Indigo Dental, we believe in looking after our patient’s oral health not just for now, but also for the future. Some problems can be picked up by your dentist early on, before it becomes more complex and harder to treat. Misaligned and crowded teeth is one of the most common problems that is […]

Smile Makeover with Natural Results

I saw a lovely patient recently, who expressed to me her concerns about smiling in photographs. She had retired, and naturally was spending more time with her family and friends. She told me how she never smiled in photographs, as she was self conscious about her upper front teeth.     I took some photographs, […]